The principals of Discoveries in Art, Terri and Steven Certilman, have traveled the Caribbean and Latin America collecting art for more than twenty-five years. After many years of art hunting in Haiti, they now center their efforts in Cuba, where opportunities to find new and exciting art are limitless. Founded in 2001, our mission is to promote the artistic works and artists of Cuba and in doing so to build goodwill, understanding and respect between the people of the United States and our neighbors to the south by focusing attention on the contemporary art of Cuba and highlighting a common denominator between us all - creativity. Discoveries in Art organizes and facilitates exhibitions, talks, fundraisers and other gatherings on the theme of Cuban art and culture and helps bring our Cuban artist friends to America for people-to-people cultural and social exchanges and workshops. We also organize and produce exhibitions of Cuban and other Caribbean art and lend works to other exhibitions. Many of our works are available for loan or purchase.