Artist Bio

“Early on, Aristotle said that man is essentially an “urban being”, without resolve, without restraint. The contradiction is that accompanying this there is always a plan of civilization.

The Cuban thinker and poet, Jose Marti, said: “The City misleads the senses, the country puts you to the test and purifies.” It is certainly the city that builds the symbols that exacerbate the most egotistical and brutal human feelings, running over man and his feelings and thoughts.

In this piece, we wish to leave the alienation caused by the monotonous landscape and rise above the concrete forest. It is the great wish of flight, not of the fall. The view of the abyss that we leave at our feet represents the withdrawal of man from the de-humanizing sphere of the city.

We are at the moment of leaving the urban “planet” and are lost in the immensity of the space, in this case the horizontal twilight, evading the endless laws that limit our spirit.

As Ungareti said: “Between the city and the wall: the abyss.” All that remains is the escape, the flight to nourish our spirit and imagination.”