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We specialize in Caribbean and Latin-American fine art, and particularly the works of Cuban Artists living both at home and abroad. Cuba is a land with a deep heritage of fascinating and diverse cultures.

There is an explosion in progress in Cuba, an explosion of artistic talent and creativity. We are very pleased to show the work of a diverse group of talented artists and we are especially dedicated to bringing young and up-coming artists into the public eye.

Most of our pieces have been purchased in Cuba from the artists. To showcase a broader selection of artists and styles, our site also includes some works which are not available for purchase .

If you would like to talk about any of our artists, or are interested in information about any of the pieces you see, please contact us.

Scenes of Cuba

Elevator Out of Control | Ascensor Fuera de Control, 2012

Pumped out | Bombeado, 2012

Go There! | Ve Alli, 2012

Prelude to a Kiss | Prelude a un Beso, 2012

Mass Transit , 2012

Broom Vendor | Vendedor de Escobas, 2012

Portrait | Retrato, 2012

Tobacco Drying House | Casa de Secado de Tabaco, 2012

Hector and Teresa , 2012


Steven Certilman has traveled the Caribbean and Latin America collecting art for more than thirty years. The mission of his organization Discoveries in Art is to promote the artistic works and artists of Cuba, and in doing so, to build goodwill, understanding and respect between the people of the United States and our neighbors to the south.

Alabama Contemporary

July 4, 2016
Steven and Terri Certilman’s significant collection of contemporary Cuban art is the focus of the exhibition Two Steps Forward. Avid art collectors, the Certilmans have sourced pieces directly from the artists during frequent travels to Cuba since 1998 and have dedicated themselves to promoting the country's artistic talent.

Westport Arts Center

March 25, 2019
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