Aimee Garcia Marrero

The self-portrait has been a constant in my work. I'm not interested in talking about my own life, rather about the universal feminine experience. The work is an invitation to reflect on life, history, gender contradictions, memories, and the political and social environment by means of an existential discourse with multiple implications. Although painting has almost always been a protagonist in my work, I have always sought to imbricate other materials (hair, threads, metal, stones, newspaper and others) that allow me to establish a symbolic game, where the traditional and the contemporary interact. In the case of objects and installations, I seek to establish a game with the meaning of the materials and the objects, by creating a dialogue between the act of intervention and the material subjected to this intervention. For example, in the past , with embroidered newspapers and embroidered pots, I have used everyday objects to create a discourse about our cultural, political and social environment.
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