Angel Ramírez Roque

Case Pending
Case Pending (Asunto Pendiente)
Oil on wood sculpture (70 x 45 x 23 cm)
Year: 2011
Open Air Carriage Fandango
Open Air Carriage Fandango (Brisa Carretón Fandango)
oil on canvas (59 cm)
Year: 2009
Vase (Florerito)
Oil on canvas (121 x 35 cm)
Year: 2012
To Cut the Flower
To Cut the Flower (Para Cortat la Flor)
The Bug
The Bug (El Bicho)
wood and piano keys (60 x 26 x 32 cm)
Year: 2014
Rodópodo (Rodópodo)
metal and wood (20x20x45 cm)
Year: 2013
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