Fredy Rodriguez Oliver

Fredy Rodriguez Oliver
From businessman to talented artist. Like many artists of Cuba, Fredy is a self taught painter. The depth and conviction of his work leave a lasting memery.
Time Flies
Time Flies (El Tiempo Se Nos Va Tiempo
Serie: El Juego de La Vida)
Oil / Lienzo (100 x 50 cm)
Year: 2003
Causes and Randomness
Causes and Randomness (Causas y Azares)
Oil / Lienzo (91 x 121 cm)
Year: 2003
De Cuba Al Cielo
Oil / Lienzo (1.20 m x 80 m)
Year: 2004
Constelación: Celia
Oil / Lienzo (.79 m x .505 m)
Year: 2004
La Eterna Sonrisa
Oil / Lienzo (.80 m x .855 m)
Year: 2004
The Struggle
The Struggle (La Lucha)
oleo/lienzo (135 cm x 185 cm)
Year: 2009
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