Manuel López Oliva

Manuel López Oliva
Manuel Lopez Oliva - The man behind the mask. “Anyone can grill a steak – the chef is the one who makes the sauce.”
Office Talk
Office Talk (Diálogo de Oficio)
acrylic/canvas (80 x 58 cm)
Year: 2006
Statement of Fact
Statement of Fact (Fáctico)
acrylic/canvas (120 x 90 cm)
Year: 2007
Identity (Identidad)
acrylic/canvas (80 x 55 cm)
Year: 2007
In Search of the Lost Body
In Search of the Lost Body (En Busca del Cuerpo Perdido)
acrylic/canvas (55 x 46 cm)
Year: 2006
Mask of the Sun
Mask of the Sun (Máscara solar)
Acrylic on canvas
Mask of the Actor
Mask of the Actor (Máscara de Acto)
Acrylic on canvas (30 x 24 cm)
Year: 2011
Mask of San Isidro
Mask of San Isidro (Mascara de San Isidro)
Acrylic on canvas (55 x 46 cm)
Year: 2011
From the Scene
From the Scene (Desde la Escena)
acrylic/canvas (34 x 25 cm)
Year: 2011
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