Ibrahim Miranda Ramos

Round Midnight
Round Midnight
Woodcut and map on paper (57 x 76 cm)
Year: 2003
The Lovers
The Lovers (Los Novios)
Woodcut (25 x 79 cm)
Year: 2004
Red Landscape
Red Landscape (Paisaje Rojo)
acrylic/seriagraph on canvas (45 x 60 cm)
Year: 2016
The Exercise of Your Unique LIfe
The Exercise of Your Unique LIfe (El Ejercicio de tu Unica Vida)
Woodcut (180 x 65 cm)
Year: 2003
Black Tears
Black Tears (Lagrimas Negras)
Lithograph and woodcut on paper (42 x 51 cm)
Year: 2002
Horse in Madrid
Horse in Madrid (Caballo en Madrid)
Seriagraph (43 x 58 cm)
Year: 2007
Baby Elephant in Berlin
Baby Elephant in Berlin (Bebe Elefante en Berlin)
Seriagraph (35 x 55 cm)
Year: 2011
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