Jacqueline Brito Jorge

The Candle
The Candle (La Bujia)
Oil/Canvas (.81 x .50 m)
Year: 2001
Dialogue of the Desperate with His Soul
Dialogue of the Desperate with His Soul (Dialogo del Desperado con su Alba)
Oil/Canvas (.28 x .28 m)
Year: 2001
The Tree of Life
The Tree of Life (El Arbol de la Vida)
Oil/Canvas with ceramic (.36 x .28m)
Year: 2002
Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark (La Arca de Noah)
Oil/Canvas (108 x 65 m)
Year: 2004
The Onlooker II
The Onlooker II (El Espectador II)
Oil/Canvas (100 x 50 m)
Year: 2004
Series: Entitlements
Series: Entitlements (Serie Titulares)
Oil on Board (.25 x .21 m)
Year: 2003
Statues of Salt
Statues of Salt (Estatuas de Sal)
Oil/Canvas (.70 x .60 m)
Year: 2005
The Fleet
The Fleet (La Flota)
Oil on canvas with antique glass and silver leaf (95 x 122 cm)
Year: 2009
Ommm (Ommm)
leaves and oil on canvas (40 x 100 cm)
Year: 2013
Harvesting for Sothebys
Harvesting for Sothebys (Cosechando Para Sothebys)
oil/ canvas with coins (51 x 140 (Diptych))
Year: 2009
The Hand
The Hand (El Mano)
tile and oil in plaster (36.5 x 26.5 cm)
Year: 2003
Havana Rooster
Havana Rooster (Gallo Habanero)
Lithograph and collage (50 x 33 cm)
Year: 2011
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